Why Chamonix?

Alps: Private Guiding $500 per day
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Currently we are based out of Chamonix, France. We chose to spend time here because of its spectacular location–not just at the foot of the Mont Blanc Massif, but at the very heart of the Alps. It's an ideal jumping off point to explore all of the Alps. With Italy and Switzerland each only half an hour away, the options are endless. A climbing or skiing trip here can be as much about culture, food, and travel as it is about incredible summits, great snow, and beautiful views. 

Why Borealis?

Forest and Erin and have both spent many seasons exploring the French Alps. Forest has been coming here for 17 years, and he's delighted to be speaking French on a daily basis. Erin has been spending winter seasons in France since she was 17. She started in La Grave and now lives in Chamonix. We are both enjoying the exploration and the variety that the alps offer. 

We build trips to meet your needs and aspirations. We can suggest hotels, book the mountain huts, and help you plan your travel to maximize your trip. It's our goal to let this place inspire you the way it continues to inspire us. 

About Private Guiding

Depending on your objective, we have different guide to client ratios. The total cost of the day is $500, but is divided among the clients. If you are unsure what the ratio is for your desired trip, send us a message and we can give you more details. Some general examples:

Skiing 4:1

Ice Climbing 2:1

Rock Climbing 2:1