Heliotrope Powder Mission

On Thursday I took advantage of the fine weather to go get some turns on Heliotrope ridge. The north-facing slopes of Heliotrope offer great access to mildly crevassed glacier ice and some great early season lap skiing. And the views of Mt. Baker and the Black Buttes are exceptional.

Kurt Hicks and I enjoyed a brisk hike up to the start of the snow--just below Hogsback camp at 6,000'. From there it was simply a matter of taking in the day: perfect temps, perfect snow, perfect views. It felt like a big payoff for a small investment.

The roiling icefalls of the Coleman and Thunder glaciers; the craggy peaks of Colfax and Lincoln festooned in ice; the white peaks sprawling north into British Columbia; it felt like the start of another grand season.

Thank you to Kurt for a fine day and for the use of this final picture.