The Circus Couloir

Another foray onto the wild northern reaches of Snoqualmie Mountain yielded a fun ski with good friends. We can't wait to get back and ski it with more snow, and perhaps using some kind of creative access other than booting the couloir.

After topping out at a lonely little notch in the vastness of the mountain side, we climbed along a ramp system searching for an exit onto the long northern arm of Snoqualmie. We didn't find one, but we did find that the ramp system connected eventually to the Crooked couloir. One could combine these features into something of a wild romp.

The skiing on the north side proved rather firm, but a little dusting of new offered fairly smooth turns. On the descent back toward the car, the snow had softened nicely to a buttery consistency. For as little snow as has fallen, we can't complain about conditions like these.