Each year I devote 10% of my working days to organizations and projects that further our understanding of the natural world, and which support social justice in its broadest sense. These partners do incredible work, and I’m proud to offer them my support. Read more about these fantastic projects, and if you can, volunteer or send a donation.


The Living Snow Project

Dr. Robin Kodner invites undergraduate students into cutting-edge environmental genomics work on a quest to understand the algae behind the pink snow we see each summer in the Cascades–and all over the world.


Cascades Wolverine Project

The CWP is tracking the presence and movements of our resident wolverine population on the east slope of the North Cascades this winter. Grassroots wildlife biology at its finest, they are taking some incredible photos with their camera traps, and shedding light on how they inhabit these mountains–and how we can help.


David Moskowitz and the Caribou Rainforest

Dave’s newest book–The Caribou Rainforest–explores the woven fates of the mountain caribou, the inland rainforest, and human industry in the Selkirk mountains of British Columbia.