Click to Enlarge: A view from the summit of Mont Blanc

The sun still rises in the east, and for nearly two centuries now mountaineers have been setting out to meet him each summer’s day, after consulting the stars and the cold...Grey limestone or ruddy granite, ice of the gully or the serac, blown snow or cornice, smell of rock, scent of flowers, delicate saxifrage or sub-Himalayan forest, starlight or storm, sun-scorched terrace, unreal frontiers, friendship between two beings for better or for worse — to these do we belong.
— Gaston Rebuffat



From your first steps in crampons or rock shoes, to your first alpine summit, to the climb of your life: get into the mountains and encounter the world of rock, snow and ice. 

The mountains around Chamonix offer the greatest concentration and variety of alpine climbing in the world, with incomparable access. Perfect granite ridges, snow and ice faces, and dramatic spires rising from big glaciers. 

We'll work with you to put together a custom trip that takes you and your climbing to the next level. From May through August, come experience alpinism where it all began.